Vibration Research

Vibration Research Corporation has been providing its customers with reliable, user friendly hardware and software packages for vibration control for more than 15 years. The Vibration Research team brings together experience in vibration testing and hardware & software development along with a strong desire to take vibration testing to a new level. From the delivery of our first vibration control system we have been an innovator and have been producing new testing capabilities and software enhancements. Vibration Research Corporation was the first to introduce and offer long time field data replication and is once again a pioneer in offering kurtosis control of random testing through our new Kurtosion® software module.

Vibration Research Corporation has always prided itself on customer service and equipment reliability. Our customers receive robust hardware and easy-to-use software. Our reputation for quality and superior performance are important to us.

Vibration Research Corporation has grown every year in sales, product offerings and customers. We have sold to companies throughout the world and we are the preferred choice of many testing laboratories. Vibration Research Corporation control systems are being used today in the fields of automotive, aerospace, military, packaging and seismic, to name a few. We are continually innovating to meet the ever changing demands of our customers.

Our VibrationVIEW software is very intuitive. Many customers have set up their Vibration Research control system and configured a test within minutes of unpacking the box. Additionally, our customer support team is available to further assist you with questions regarding your Vibration Research products or to assist you in making the proper selection for your new control system purchase.

The goal at Vibration Research Corporation is to provide you with the absolute best vibration control system and support to meet the challenges you face today as well as those you will face tomorrow.